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Thursday, June 21, 2007
Remakings of Papilio

Remakings of Papilio
This papilio necklaces, made of non tarnish silver wire and a white silver chain of 55cm with a little clay flower to add interest to it.

Remaking of Papilio!! limited to 10 pieces only
1st batch (1st 5 pieces) : $15 for one (all 5 sold)
2nd batch (next 5 pieces) : $18 for one(4 sold)
pendant ~ 4cm across, 5cm down

no more remaking of Papilio after all 10 pieces sold

P.S. currently, there is no more stock of the white flower in the above picture. so for the 2nd batch of Papilio necklace, i will change the flower to the one shown below. The necklace will still be the same except that the flower is changed.

sorry for the low quality photo

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